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The Tolliver’s Family 
Parents are to train children in the biblical principles’ worldview. Through consistent time in imparting truths from God’s Word to their children, parents’ disciple their children in spiritual growth. Godly parents leave a legacy and inheritance not only for their children but also for their children’s children. Parents are to intentionally oversee the generational transfer of a comprehensive Christian worldview so that their children learn to consistently live all of life under God’s divine authority. 


The Bible is the world's great teacher of monogamy - the union for life of one man and one woman in marriage as the basis of the family. Whatever may be said about the time of the writing of the books of the Bible, or of parts of them, the testimony of the whole is incontrovertibly to the point that marriage springs from the choice of one man and one woman of each other for a permanent family relation. Over and through the whole of the Bible this ideal is dominant.